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Global Sustainable Business Summit 2023

The Global Sustainable Business Summit was organized by Global Council for the Promotion Trade (GCPIT) on 10-11h Feb 2023. Global Council for the Promotion Trade (GCPIT) is an organization based out of India, South Africa, USA, UAE, EU and the United Kingdom with board & council member representation across the world.

The Brief
[wr_vc_accordions][wr_vc_accordion accordion_active=”act-accordion” title=”Vision”]Our goal is to bring people from the business community together to give them inspiration about what our organization is hoping to achieve with our program for sustainable businesses.[/wr_vc_accordion][wr_vc_accordion title=”My Role”]I spoke on the topic ‘Driving a Global Food System Transformation'[/wr_vc_accordion][/wr_vc_accordions]
[wr_vc_biographys translate_txt=”Details”][wr_vc_biography data_title=”01. Date :”]10-11.02.2023[/wr_vc_biography][wr_vc_biography data_title=”02. Webiste :”]GCPIT[/wr_vc_biography][/wr_vc_biographys][wr_vc_button button_text=”View Portfolios” button_url=”/portfolio” button_ajax_load=”ajax”]
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