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Sharon Idahosa is the founder of LIFEX AGRICULTURE INITIATIVE which she started in the year 2020 as a way to show
support to rural farmers with little or no opportunity to thrive in the agricultural sector by carrying out training/workshops, skill acquisition to initiate sustainable agriculture
and improve food security.
She’s an Agriculturist, Advocate and an Educationist. A visionary leader whose core values are Transparency and Excellence. A
graduate of the prestigious Benson Idahosa University. Her educational background in Agriculture channeled her mindset to the pressing issues the agricultural sector is faced
with and she has taken a bold step to contribute and improve the agricultural sector..

Sharon Idahosa specializes in agriculture articles, events, and podcasts. She uses different communication methods to communicate to a larger audience and spread the word about agriculture. She has made episodes with key people from different organizations; FAO, Climate Resilience Network (CRN), Corporate Farmers international, Novatero, DigiExt, CSAYN,
all centering around agriculture and making an impact.