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Sharon Idahosa

Sharon Idahosa is an agricultural  advocate. She studied at Benson Idahosa University from the year 2016 to 2020 graduating with second class upper in Agricultural science.

She has always loved Agriculture but the love grew more during the pandemic as food prices and scarcity increased. She thought of a way to reduce food prices and increase food supply and found a way by creating an NGO company called LIFEX Agriculture. Lifex Agriculture is an NGO company that seeks to train rural farmers by equipping them with information and skills to be able to compete with urban farmers thereby increasing food supply causing a price decrease.

In an aim to continue equipping the Agricultural sector she started a podcast called Let’s Talk Agriculture, she called agricultural experts to discuss their views on how to grow the agricultural sector.

She believed that the agricultural sector lacked vital information and many agricultural companies were not marketed well, she wanted to build that bridge. She then created a content creation company that focused on the agricultural sector called SIDONA MEDIA. Sidona Media is an agricultural media company that does content writing, podcast production, video production, and marketing.

Sharon Idahosa has been recognized and called to speak in the different agricultural sectors. She is a good content creator, speaker, and digital marketer.